Giving Made Easy

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You can help in so many ways. Let’s talk. Let’s find a way for your strengths to help others in need.

Pitch in with Pennies

Each month, we collect change to support efforts that help our community and Christians worldwide.

  • Collect your quarters.
  • Donate your dimes.
  • Pitch in your pennies.

Your simple act means so much to so many.

Collect IGA Receipts

Turn in your St. Joseph IGA receipts, and this important part of our community gives a portion back to our church. The collection box is just outside Pearson Hall, right on our main floor.

Supporting our church is easy with these simple steps.

  • Please don’t staple or tape the receipts together.
  • Please circle the total on the receipt.
  • Please turn your receipts in each month.

Donate Electronically

If you have online banking, it’s easy to donate to your church electronically. Just set up an automatic weekly or monthly “bill pay” to the church.

But why?

If you miss a Sunday or forget to write a check, your payment will continue uninterrupted, helping pay for our small staff, building expenses and a variety of programs.

Contact your bank if you are interested. Thank you.

Gather. Glorify. Grow. Go. 

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