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red shirtsOur church has an important need, one you just might be able to help fill. Please prayerfully consider how you could lead or co-lead our church’s Learning & Development Team or become a strong part of this vital team.

Before you begin thinking that your plate is full, that you simply don’t have time, please consider who will benefit: our children.

Remember, when the children benefit, our entire church benefits. To ensure our church has a vibrant future, we must always honor the traditions of our past while looking ahead. Looking ahead means many things, especially attracting more young families to worship and fellowship with us.

A stronger Sunday school program that spotlights Christian education through, welcoming, warm and wonderful ways will help us do just that.

Our hardworking teachers will tell you Sunday school attendance needs a boost. youth pic

They need leadership to make sure our Christian education program:

  • Supports teachers—with materials and supplies, as well as camaraderie and guidance.
  • Appeals to young families that visit us so they come back and get involved.
  • Features events that serve children in our church and in the greater community.
  • Aligns with The Journey of 10 x 10 discipleship process through November 2016.

These important tasks don’t have to be time-consuming for passionate leaders and team members who are eager to collaborate with teachers, parents and other in our church.

Together we can fill this important need for our children and our future.

For more information about helping fill this important need, please contact the church office today at or 469-2515.

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